Precision on mobile packages

The full unlimited packages

These plans include :

National fixed and mobile calls

National SMS

National data within the limit defined by the quota linked to the chosen plan


International & roaming

In case of travel abroad, roaming agreements for voice, messages and data have been negotiated according to the operators. To know the details of each zone according to the services, please refer to the FAQ "Precision on the Mobile zones".


Fair-use limits

The conditions of application of the unlimited plans are framed by the following limitations:

The user does not call more than 150 different numbers during the month;

The user does not call more than 40 hours during the month;

The user does not send more than 1000 SMS during the month and not to more than 50 different recipients;

Permanent call forwarding is not included;

The termination of the calls listed above for users not meeting these criteria will be charged per minute according to the tariffs in force. Sewan reserves the right to bill these minutes retroactively and to immediately suspend unlimited usage on these accounts, in case of non-compliance with these conditions, fraudulent use or non-use in good faith.